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The Sporting Agents (TSA) have sound relationships with a number of UK based agents. We leverage these relationships to help place our young athletes at various clubs within UK. This is a perfect opportunity for our athletes to get exposure on the international circuit and grow in their cricketing expertise.
TSA has been running with this initiative since early 2006 and every year we place on average 10 young and aspiring cricketers who come through our Sports School of Excellence Cricket Academy (SSE Cricket Institute). UK placings are not a given for everyone! Our Partners in the UK look for very specific skills and attributes and generally select the cream of the crop. While there are no guarantee’s that you will be selected, we do work closely with our Partners and do everything in our power to get our athletes a great opportunity to play cricket in the UK.

We also specialise in placing Pro ’s in and around the Greater regions of the UK. If you are interested in Exploring the UK option please do fill in the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.
Important things needed to help speed up the process.

UK Passport or Ancestral Visa (Not a must, but does help a lot)
Early Police Clearance
Latest Cricket CV
Level 1 or 2 coaching Badge.

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